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22: Starting again after losing $20 million with Damion Lupo

We interview author, business owner and investor Damion Lupo. He has a fascinating story to tell and has literally been hustling since the age of 11 and built a $20 million dollar real estate empire by the age of 25.

The Great Recession of 2008 exacted a high price on Damion who lost everything and spent the next five years building it back up again. He now advises people how to take control of their money away from Wall St, how to educate themselves on the real possibilities out there and to take back control of their financial futures.

During this show we spoke about:

  • How Damion has been making money since the age of 11

  • How he built up a portfolio of 150 homes by age 25

  • How he channelled those profits into development and lost heavily in 2008-2009

  • The tough steps he took to recover and build himself back up again

  • Helping people take back control of their own retirement funds

  • His advice for teaching our children about managing money

  • His process for writing books (he has co/authored more than a dozen)

  • Investing almost $400,000 over two years on a world class mentor

  • And much more!

Books Reinvented Life by Damion Lupo Secrets Self-Made Millionaires Teach their Kids by Steve Siebold Success if Your Own Damn Fault by Larry Winget


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