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29: The 5 most important questions investors should be asking

In the second part of a special two part series, show host Colin G Murphy outlines the five most important questions that all real estate investors should be asking themselves.

With more than $100m of real estate bought and sold during his 15 year career Colin has used the knowledge gained from speaking to 1000s of buyers, sellers, landlords, property managers, lenders, realtors and contractors to outline the key questions and suggested answers for residential real estate investors. This includes:

  1. What are the best areas and property types to invest in?

  2. What due diligence should you do before purchasing a home?

  3. How should you vet and choose a good property manager?

  4. How much money should you set aside from vacancies, repairs and CapEx?

  5. How can you overcome analysis paralysis?

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a rookie, I hope you can pick up something useful in this special show to accelerate your real estate journey!

Contact Colin Murphy IG: colingmurphy FB: colininvestments LinkedIn: colingmurphy


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