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4. Universal lessons from an expert in commercial real estate

In today's show I had the pleasure of interviewing Eric Odum, the President of ROI Commercial. Eric has been involved in real estate for 30 years, is a serial entrepreneur and has extensive experience in financial services, banking and real estate. Eric is also the host of the Invest Florida Show, a great podcast that has been running for 6+ years and which I've had the honor of being a guest on twice (episodes 73 & 206).

Eric and I had a wide ranging conversation that encompassed:

  • The lessons he has learned from trading through multiple real estate cycles

  • How Covid has affected the office, retail, hospitality and industrial sectors

  • The types of real estate that will bounce back quickest

  • His advice for young people considering a career in real estate

Even if you have little knowledge or interest in commercial real estate - it is more interesting and accessible than you might think. There are also a lot of lessons you can apply from this sector to the residential sector.

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