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4 types of investors


I’ve done business with well over 1,000 people at every point in the spectrum —from folks that never seem to get started to those that have a couple rentals under their belts, all the way up to large investors who have several hundred homes in their portfolios.

This report divides these real estate investors into four clear categories and provides steps on how to progress through each one.

In many ways, getting past the first two categories (going from zero to two rentals) is the hard part. Getting from three to ten homes and from ten to twenty plus homes can actually be easier, because that is when you start surrounding yourself with the right kinds of investors and key partners.

Real estate is a journey, and you have to go through its different phases. The only way to progress is by taking action, gaining experience, learning from your mistakes and moving forward continuously.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a rookie, I hope you can pick up something useful in this report to accelerate your real estate journey.

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