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11. Dave Van Horn on real estate, note investing and Covid mortgage defaults

Most people understand the world of rental properties, house flips, and other common real estate investments. But there is another little-known niche that provides strong cash flow and profits without most of the headaches: note investing.

In this episode of Colin Podcasts, I sit down with Dave Van Horn, CEO of the PPR Note Company. Dave has been investing in real estate for more than 30 years and his company buys packages of mortgages worth tens of millions of dollars.

During this great conversation we discussed

  • How his single mom raised a family of 6 kids

  • How he has always juggled multiple businesses during his career

  • How he used creative financing to build a portfolio with little or no money

  • How investors and realtors used the MLS before computers were around

  • How he used note investing to pay for his kids college tuition

  • The difference between buying 1st vs 2nd mortgages

  • The potential surge in mortgage defaults coming at us

  • The resources people can use to educate themselves on note investing

Show Links

Free 66 page e-book to note investing

Dave´s profile page on Biggerpockets

Timing the Real Estate Market by Robert Campbell


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