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64: Henry Washingtons journey from Walmart employee to a 70 unit portfolio in under 5 years.

Henry Washington is an author, entrepreneur, and real estate investor with more than 70 rental units and dozens of house flips under his belt. Impressively, he has experienced all this success in just 4 years and is a great example of what can be achieved in real estate with a bit of luck, a lot of focus and relentless dedication.

Henry has been featured in numerous online and television publications like NBC, CBS, FOX Business & BiggerPockets.

Topics we discussed in a great conversation included:

- Learning about work ethic and side hustles from his father.

- The consequences of earning a good salary but spending it all on lifestyle

- His switch to an investor mindset after getting married

- Obstacles experienced and overcome during his first few deals

- Mistakes made during the pandemic

- Tips for getting great loan terms from local community banks

- The specific skills people should develop if they want to be successful

Contact Henry

IG & Tiktok: @thehenrywashington


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