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63: How to build a large wholesaling business at age 25 with Hayoto Hori.

On Colin Podcasts Show 63 we interview Hayoto Hori, a young man who started and scaled a wholesaling business that now does 15-20 deals per month.

We had a very enjoyable and wide ranging conversation that covered:

- The many ways Hayoto earned money during college years

- Why he decided to focus on real estate

- The sacrifices made to save for his first rental

- Quitting his regular job after just one wholesale deal!

- The systems, processes and relationships used to invest out of state

- Importance of goal setting

- How technology and iBuyers are shaking up the industry

Contact Hayoto

IG & Tiktok: @hayantooo

Tools Mentioned

Zoho software



My summary of "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie


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