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62: Mindset, goal setting and picking yourself up after losing $50m with Rod Khleif

The guest on Colin Podcasts Show 62 is none other than Rod Khleif, an owner of multiple real estate businesses who has owned thousands of properties. Rod came from humble beginnings when he emigrated to the US with his parents as a young boy and had a series of spectacular successes and failures as an investor, including losing $50 million in 2008. He bounced back strongly from that loss, enjoying further financial success and a new found passion for giving back.

Rod brought incredible energy and a huge amount of value to this conversation and his insights on topics as diverse as mindset, psychology, goal setting, recovering from setbacks, implementing systems and philanthropy will offer valuable and actionable takeaways to every listener.

Learn more about Rod Khleif (Orlando Dec 3-5, 2021)

Podcast: Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate

Books Mentioned

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie


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