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65: Managing a US multi family syndication business from the UK with Suzy Sevier & Michael Barnhart

Show 65 welcomes Suzy Sevier & Michael Barnhart, a husband and wife real estate team who have built up a syndicated portfolio of 300+ units in the American Mid West from a base in the quaint and historic English town of Cambridge.

Michael is currently active in the US Air Force and is studying for his PhD in the prestigious Cambridge University while Suzy recently gave up a lucrative job in Biotech for focus on their real estate business full time.

During our conversation, we spoke about:

- Their rapid rise up the real estate ladder

- How they educated themselves and networked virtually

- How they promote themselves to other investors

- How they find, purchase and manage real estate remotely

- The importance of mentors

- Early mistakes and setbacks

- What motivates them

- Actionable tips for other investors

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