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12: Education and wealth creation strategies with M.C. Laubscher

Joining us on Colin Podcasts 12 is M.C. Laubscher, CEO of Producers Wealth and host of the popular business and investing podcast, Cashflow Ninja.

M.C. is an innovator and he thinks about wealth creation and protection differently to most people. He is an expert at alternative cashflow strategies incorporating real estate, insurance policies, commodities, crypto currencies and more. His (already successful) business has grown exponentially during the Covid crisis as people realize their wealth and tax strategies are not as safe or diversified as they thought.

This was a really great show which covered a host of fascinating topics, including:

  • M.C.s early journey from S. Africa to the US as a rugby player

  • How he worked the way up the ladder with a multi family firm

  • The importance of investing in your education and how to do it

  • Strategies to accelerate the wealth building process

  • The importance of having a great team aligned to your goals

  • The best wealth creation strategies for 2021 and beyond

Books The Creature from Jekyll Island by G Edward Griffin


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