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15: Building location-independent income streams with Matt Bowles

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Matt Bowles has been a full-time digital nomad since 2013 and incredibly, he has run a successful real estate business from 65 different countries in the last 7 years! While being a digital nomad is not for everyone, Matt has some brilliant ideas and insights on how people can increase their wealth and improve their lifestyles by creating location independent income streams. Matt is also the host of The Maverick Show podcast where he interviews real estate investors, entrepreneurs and world travelers.

This was a fascinating conversation which covered:

  • Matts early house hacking while working for a non profit

  • Getting fired at age 30 and starting a new business

  • How he helps investors find turnkey properties

  • Insights into his nomad lifestyle and experiences

  • The types of entrepreneurs he meets on his travels

  • The four ways people can build location independent incomes

Books The 4-hour work week by Tim Ferriss


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