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16: Building huge passive income streams during Covid with Jared Garfield

Jared Garfield is today's guest and he is one of the top real estate investors and educators in the country. Jared and his teams have closed, renovated and managed over 3,000 properties in 5 states. He also runs a successful real estate coaching platform and has trained more than 1000 clients as they build real estate portfolios.

In a wide ranging interview myself and Jared covered a wide variety of topics including:

  • How Jared got hooked on real estate when his grandfather allowed him to fly around Utah in a small plane looking at real estate opportunities

  • How he started buying homes at auction straight out of college

  • His regrets from not reinvesting the proceeds from early profits

  • How he finds high cash flowing opportunities despite inventory shortages

  • Managing construction crews in multiple locations

  • The personal sacrifices he has made to build passive income streams

  • Why "deferred gratification" is the secret sauce that sets wealth builders apart

  • Having one of his most profitable ever months despite being seriously ill with Covid

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Books Big Shifts Ahead by John Burns & Chris Porter Start With Why by Simon Sinek


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