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17: Building one of the biggest real estate businesses in Baltimore with Alexander Cruz

Alexander Cruz from Baltimore, Maryland is our guest today. Alex or "Xander" is a partner in CR of Maryland, one of the biggest buyers, rehabbers and property managers in the Baltimore market. Alex had some great insights to share about his journey and the expertise he has gained in flipping, renovating, property management and growing a business to 25+ employees.

In our wide ranging chat we covered a wide variety of topics that included:

  • How Alex got started in real estate as a brokers assistant

  • How he pivoted to working and later partnering with a successful house flipper

  • Changing their focus from flipping to building & managing a large portfolio

  • The types of properties Alex and his colleagues buy in Baltimore

  • How they sell fully renovated middle class homes that meet 1% rule

  • The teams and systems he uses for buying on and off market properties

  • How Covid rocked their business and the adjustments they've made

  • His great advice for people looking to accelerate their real estate journeys

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