2. Market insights with expert wholesaler Clark Lunt

In todays show we speak with Clark Lunt, a wholesaler and flipper in the Tampa Bay area and personal friend of mine. Clark has been selling 40+ homes per year for the last 5 years and has some great insights into the real estate market from a both a wholesale and rehab perspective.

During our conversation we talk about

  • Peoples misconceptions about the role wholesalers play in the market

  • My own struggles negotiating with distressed sellers and how Clark and others like him have special training and techniques to create win win situations.

  • How Clark originally started sourcing deals in 2015 and how the power of data analytics is changing and challenging how real estate investors of all kinds source their opportunities.

  • Some surprising advantages to remote working that wholesalers should take advantage of.

  • The wider real estate market and where in the cycle we might be now.

  • Clarks excellent advice for people seeking to become a wholesaler and how to improve your chances of meeting and working with great mentors.

Contact Clark Lunt

  • clark.lunt@easysalehq.com

  • https://www.easysalehq.com

  • https://www.facebook.com/easysalehq/

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