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20: Scott Adams amazing journey from ghetto homes to mixed use commercial buildings

Scott Adams is a broker, builder, investor and asset manager with huge amount of real estate experience. Most of all, Scott is an expert at finding deals in Indianapolis and we had a lot of fun digging into the different strategies he has used at various stages in his career.

  • Scotts modest upbringing and where he got his hunger for success

  • His first investments in tax liens as a young student

  • The hard lessons learned from building a portfolio of 100 low end homes

  • Transitioning into selling turnkey single family homes to investors

  • Scaling a business to buying and renovating 200+ homes per year

  • How a tragic story from his business partner turned into an amazing acquisition

  • Building a new multi purpose commercial project in the middle of Covid

  • His advice for people who want to own more rental properties

Contact Scott Adams Tel: 317-960-3300


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