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21: Growth mindset and life/work balance with Shawn & Joni Wolfswinkel

Shawn & Joni Wolfswinkel speak with Colin about the ups and downs of their 20 years working together in real estate.

Shawn & Joni began their real estate journey in college and have worked together ever since, building a thriving group of companies in Texas & New Mexico that span property management (1500 doors), rehabs/new construction (100+ per year), plumbing, podcasting and training/outsourcing virtual assistants!

During the show we discussed:

  • How Shawn & Joni started wholesaled and invested their way through college

  • Their individual strengths and how they compliment each other

  • The many challenges they've faced and how they overcame them

  • Adopting a "get rich slow" approach and avoiding high risk gambles

  • How they constantly push themselves & their staff to grow

  • The dramatic changes they made to their business during Covid

  • Achieving a balance between family, health, business and spirituality


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