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24: Dave Holman on his mission to use real estate to solve problems and help communities

Dave Holman is a man on a mission who started his journey setting up a chain of camping businesses in Bolivia and is currently building a 100+ residential and commercial portfolio in the North East of the US. More importantly, he tries to use real estate to solve problems and improve communities. Having nearly a decade of experience as a real estate investor, Dave is passionate about teaching others how to achieve doing well by doing good.

This was a really great show which covered a host of fascinating topics, including:

  • How Dave founded a chain of camping stores in Bolivia

  • His first foray into real estate joint ventures with no money down

  • How he learned about syndications from the ground up

  • His current portfolio of 100+ residential & commercial properties

  • How he finds the best deals and best people to manage them

  • His philosophy for using real estate to help others less fortunate

  • His advice for people who want to use real estate to 10x their possibilities

Contact Dave Holman Tel: 207-517-5700


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