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25: Nathan Brooks on success, failure and living by your core values

Nathan is CEO of Kansas based Bridge Turnkey Investments and a Biggerpockets podcast legend. This was a great interview with lots of actionable tips on defining your core values, your buy box, how to hire the right people, what mistakes to avoid and much more!

We had a great conversation which covered:

- Nathans hustle and entrepreneurship from a very early age

- The huge personal price he paid by picking the wrong real estate partner

- How he designed and scaled a large turnkey business afterwards

- The steps he takes to define core values and hire the right people

- His tips for dealing with wholesalers & defining your buy box

- Why cashflow is only one thing to look at when analyzing rentals

- The mistakes he sees newbies making and how to avoid them

Contact Nathan Brooks

IG: nathanbrooksrei



Books Mentioned

Traction by Gino Wickman

Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman

Who Not How by Dan Sullivan


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