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26: Going from 0 to 100 units in 3 years with Antoine Martel

Antoine Martel has built two out of state businesses: a fix and flip operation selling 20 turnkey rentals per month to mostly Californian investors and a fast growing 100 unit apartment portfolio.

Most impressively, Antoine is still in his mid twenties and started on this journey less than five years ago. Since then, his father, mother and brother have all joined his team and they're working closely together to create intergenerational wealth while helping hundreds of investors to build passive income streams.

During this conversation we discussed:

- How Antoines entrepreneurial spirit manifested itself at a young age

- Giving up investing in LA and switching to Memphis

- Using the BRRR strategy for his first 10 deals

- Building a database of investors by word of mouth and social media

- Building teams of contractors and managers out of state

- Dividing his time between income generation and asset building

- The challenges of running a family business

- How he hopes to build a portfolio of 10,000 units

- His advice for people just starting out

- And much more!

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Antoine Free Book:

Recommended Book: Sell it like Serhant by Ryan Serhant


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