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27: Investment and Property Management Advice From Clint Wetherill

On Colin Podcasts Show 27 we chat to Clint Wetherill about building a large property management firm and the advice he has for long term investors. Unlike most property managers, Clint is also a very experienced investor and owns a personal portfolio made up of single family homes, condos, apartments and commercial office buildings.

This show is packed full of actionable information which includes:

  • How Clint started out flipping properties at nights and weekends

  • His transition to property management during the Great Recession

  • Building a property management firm with over 750 doors

  • The advantages big firms have over small property managers

  • What sets apart really good managers from ordinary or poor ones

  • What is involved in placing a great tenant

  • What types of tenants stay in a property long term

  • How can investors minimize maintenance issues

  • The potential spike in foreclosures & evictions in 2021

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