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3. How real estate lending is changing with mortgage expert & investor Graham Parham

If you want the inside track from an expert who helps investors get the best possible mortgages for their rental properties, then tune into today's show with special guest Graham Parham from Highlands Mortgage. Graham has been in the business 20 years and is probably the most investor-friendly lender I have met to date.

In this wide-ranging interview, we discuss

  • How Graham has adapted and actually grown his business during the past few months.

  • Our thoughts on the wider economy and how the market turbulence is affecting different asset classes

  • The types of loans that are still easy to get and the ones that are more difficult

  • The reserve criteria lenders look for and what Graham uses for his personal portfolio

  • Silly mistakes people repeatedly make that derail their loan applications

  • The best type of entity to purchase properties with and how to get around Fannie/Freddie restrictions

  • And much more!

Contact Graham Parham

  • Toll-Free : (855)-326-6802

  • Email:

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