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31: Transitioning from single to multi family investing with Justin Fraser

Justin Fraser is the guest on Colin Podcasts about Real Estate 31. He is a successful investor, apartment syndicator, multifamily asset manager and Host of True Multifamily Podcast. Justin has been on an epic trajectory over the past 2-3 years having gone from 40 units to 1000+ since mid 2018.

We had a great discussion which covered:

  • How Justin began by purchasing turnkey single family

  • Using JVs and creative financing to expand his rental portfolio

  • The lessons and mistakes made with his first multi family purchase

  • Giving up his W2 job to partner with an experienced multifamily operator

  • The challenges with managing C & D class units during Covid

  • The outlook in the real estate market in 2021

  • His advice for people nervous about getting started in real estate

  • And much more!

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