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35: Flipping US land from the other side of the world with Alicia Jarrett.

Our guest on show 35 is Alicia Jarrett - an expert in US land investing who is based in Australia. Alicia has a terrific story to share and an inspiration to any investor who has been struggling to take the plunge.

In our wide ranging conversation, Alicia & I discuss:

- Her early deals in the difficult Australian fix and flip market

- The expensive courses she took to learn about investing in the US

- Her commitment to take the plunge and make it happen

- Early successes and mistakes with flipping houses in Jacksonville FL

- Transitioning into a full time land flipping business

- Battling through "analysis paralysis"

- How her team blend traditional mail with technology and marketing

- The "operating system" they created which other competitors now pay them for

- And much more!

Contact Alicia

888 538 5478 (US)


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