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38 - The power of goal setting with "Networth Nurse" Savannah Arroyo

Savannah Arroyo is a full-time Registered Nurse in Los Angeles, California. In a few brief but intentional and focused years, Savannah and her husband have found time to purchase out of state rentals and more recently, 10-20 unit out of state multi family apartments. Savannah is also works hard to help busy medical professionals create passive income through real estate investing.

During our conversation, Savannah and I discussed:

- Her 7 years as a nurse in LA

- The difficulties her and her colleagues have experienced during Covid

- How she got into real estate

- Her first purchases in Atlanta Georgia

- Transitioning into small multi family syndications

- Being creative with capital raising

- How a coach helped through the initial hurdles and setbacks

- How she uses goal setting and knowing her "why" to keep motivated

- Actionable tips for others seeking to change the trajectory of their financial life

Books Mentioned

Grit by Angela Duckworth

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing by Michael Blank

Tax Free Wealth by Tom Wheelwright

Contact Savannah

Social Media: @thenetworthnurse


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