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39 - Finding your courage and your freedom number with Linda McKissack

Linda McKissack is a highly successful investor and one of the USAs top real estate and entrepreneurial coaches.

From very modest beginnings and multiple business setbacks, Linda has enjoyed huge success over the last 20+ years and currently owns over 80 long-term rental properties, 28 vacation rentals, 7 commercial buildings and 4 real estate franchises.

Linda is a passionate and inspirational person and we had a terrific conversation which covered:

- Her humble beginnings and early business setbacks

- Building momentum as an investor and business owner

- The importance of hard work and mentors

- The difference between earning money and building wealth

- How she views market cycles

- The importance of goal setting and having a "freedom" number

- Actionable tips for taking more control of your financial future

Contact Linda

Text "freedomnumber" to 33444 for a free worksheet





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