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43: Paul Ross on the power of language to persuade, sell and transform

For over 25 years, Paul Ross has been featured in leading media outlets including BBC, Fox, CNN, NBC, The Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, and more. Paul is an author, speaker, trainer, Master Hypnotist, and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Paul’s speeches and trainings have motivated audiences around the world to discover their power to design their own results.

Topics covered in our conversation included:

  • Paul's shyness and lack of confidence as a young man

  • His early study the power of words, suggestion and hypnosis

  • Why implication and posing evocative questions works better than a battle of wills

  • Four words you can use to build a connection with any prospect

  • The types of mindsets successful people develop

  • Actionable tips on overcoming objections in your life

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