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46: Fred Moskowitz on his journey from IT startups to a landlord and note investor.

After a roller coaster career as a IT engineer, Fred Moskowitz took the decision in the early 2000s to start creating alternative income streams of his own through real estate. Following several multi family purchases, he switched his attention and analysis skills to note investing instead.

For 10+ years Fred continued working full time and used real estate as a side hustle, but took the plunge 5 years ago and has been investing full time ever since, helping many other people along the way.

Fred and I had a great chat which covered: - The uncertainty he experienced working at IT startups - His subsequent determination to create his own income streams - Learning about being a landlord the hard way - Pivoting to note investing after attending classes from Florida legends - Passive investing from your IRAs - The relationships and team you need in place as a note investor - The importance of investing in your own education every year - Different types of loan note funds you can invest in - Habits of successful investors - Positioning yourself to take advantage of post-Covid opportunities

Contact Fred Text the word NOTE to 47177 for free info "The Little Green Book on Note Investing" is available on Amazon.


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