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5. Hard lessons from a private money lender

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Greg Emmer from Equity Max runs a family business that has been making private short term loans to real estate investors and landlords in Florida and beyond for more than 30 years.

Greg and his family have a wealth of experience and have experienced all the ups and downs you would associate with any company that has been in business for three decades.

Greg & I chatted about:

  • The crucial role short term lenders play in the real estate industry

  • The difference between "private" and "hard" money

  • How fees and lending criteria have changed since Covid-19

  • How the last recession forced his firm to foreclose on 100s of loans

  • The types of loans Greg is currently making

  • The best way for people to link up with a reputable lending partner

  • His advice for new investors before they take on their first loan(s)

Contact Greg Emmer 954-663-5410


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