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50: Designing a new life via multifamily investing with Daisy Serrano

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Daisy Serrano is the inspiring guest on Colin Podcasts Show 50. Originally from California, Daisy quit her W2 job and moved to Austin Texas in 2020 with her husband Luc to grow and scale a multi-family investment business.

In addition to doing a deep dive into how the multi family investing space works for both a passive and active investors, we also had a long conversion about Daisys passion for raising awareness (particularly among women and millennials) on all the life changing opportunities that are out there for anybody willing put in the work. We also speak about mentoring, motivation and Daisys goal of building a business that will enable her parents to retire.

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Recommended books & tools

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhlgg CRM System for scheduling & organizing


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