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54: Building a billion dollar real estate business with Jim Remley

It's not often you can to spend an hour with a person who built a billion dollar real estate business, so it was an honor to have Jim Remley on Show 54 of Colin Podcasts about Real Estate.

Jim leads one of the largest real estate firms in the state of Oregon closing 2500 transactions a year and over a billion dollars in sales volume. He also a published author, a regular guest on national TV and Radio programs and owner of a successful coaching business.

We do a deep dive into his long and successful career which started at the age of 19 and is still going strong more than 40 years later. Click on the link below if you'd like to learn more about:

- The many challenges and setbacks experienced during his long career

- Tips for hiring people in an industry with high staff turnover

- Taking advantage of team building using virtual tools

- His strategy of buying at least one property per year for the last 30+ years

- His view on how real estate is changing with remote working and urban flight

- How Jim generates large volumes of buyer and seller leads in a small market

- Actionable lead generation advice that applies to everybody

- And much more!

Contact Jim Remley

FB/IG/IN: erealestatecoach


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