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57: Chris Craddock on how he sold $160m of real estate in 2020

The guest on Colin Podcasts 57 is Chris Craddock from Washington DC. Chris is the CEO of The Redux Group, a nationally acclaimed real estate team that sold over $160 worth of real estate in 2020. He is also a prolific real estate investor, coach and all round entrepreneur who runs multiple successful businesses.

In a wide ranging conversion, Chris and I discuss:

- Challenges and lessons learned as a young real estate entrepreneur

- His views on realtor/investor partnerships

- Monetizing unused real estate leads

- Creating new revenue streams without spending a fortune in marketing

- Building and managing multiple real estate businesses

- His attitude to real estate investment

- How he balances a busy work and family life

- And much more!

Contact Chris Craddock:

IG @craddrock

Podcast: Uncommon Real Estate


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