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58: Brent Bowers on creating owner finance notes with land investing

As regular followers will already know, I have been researching and investing in land over the last six months. I was therefore very excited to invite another land expert to the Colin Podcasts Show, as it gave me an opportunity to pick his brain on all the stuff I don´t know yet!

Brent Bowers is an investor and coach who has bought and sold millions of dollars worth of land in several US states. His is a former Army Officer with over 8 years of service who has created a very successful land investing business with 100+ owner finance notes.

In our wide ranging conversation, Brent & I discuss:

- His pre real estate career and service in the military

- How he got started investing in real estate

- Supporting his family with land investing income streams

- How land investing differs from single & multifamily

- Scaling his business to 100+ income streams

- Description of his team and their roles

- His future goals and motivations

- Advice for people that want to learn more

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