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59: How to earn outsize returns with co-living investments with Johnny Wolff

Show 59 is all about co-loving investments - where you rent homes by the room and enjoy correspondingly higher returns as a result. Sharing some awesome tips and insights we have Johnny Wolff, CEO and Founder of HomeRoom Coliving – one of the fastest growing co-living companies in the United States with hundreds of tenants in five US markets.

During this wide ranging conversation, Johnny and I discuss:

- His early career in Silicon Valley

- Moving to Texas and experimenting with the co-living investment model

- The difficulties experienced setting up and scaling a co-living business

- How they work with investors to expand and create win-win scenarios

- The demographics who enjoy living with roommates

- Why demand from millennial and Gen-Z is growing

- The property types used to maximize returns

- Property markets that are naturally resistant to economic shocks

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