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60: Escaping 80 hour weeks and building financial freedom with Chris Larsen

Chris Larsen bought his first single family rental at age 21 and currently owns and controls 2000+ units in various multi family-syndications. He had a fascinating journey and slowly built up his knowledge and experience over many years to get where he is today.

During a wide ranging conversation, Chris and I discussed:

- How a tragedy in college dramatically changed his focus

- His early rental and stock market investments

- Investment lessons learned from 9/11 and the 2008 crash

- How difficult his spouse (and many others) found it to juggle motherhood and a career

- His first syndication of 100 units and how he quickly accelerated afterwards

- His thoughts on how best to prepare for the next downturn

- And much more besides!

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Book Mentioned: "The Secret Life of Real Estate & Banking" by Phillip Anderson


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