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8. Earning $10k+ per month in passive rental income by age 27 with Ryan Chaw

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Ryan Chaw is a full time pharmacist who has built an impressive rental portfolio ($10k+ per month in rental income) through hard work, disciplined saving and smart marketing at a very young age.

Ryan was inspired become a real estate investor by his grandfather who had bought properties in the San Francisco Bay Area back in the 50s. The rental income he earned not only allowed him to retire early but it also helped cover his grandchildren’s’ college tuitions.

During our conversation we also discussed:

  • How Ryan was inspired to follow in his grandfathers footsteps

  • The big mistakes he made with his first deal and the lessons learned

  • How he created strong cash flowing rentals in a notoriously overpriced state

  • His strategy for managing 18 tenants while working a full time job

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