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9. Kelly Stumphauzers journey from single mom to successful entrepreneur

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Kelly Stumphauzers journey from a single mom looking for extra cash to building the biggest real estate company in Cleveland is a fascinating one.

Kelly is the owner of Prosper Cleveland, a company which buys, renovates and sells 250-300 homes per year to out of state investors building rental portfolios. She also owns a property management company with almost 700 doors and owns a substantial portfolio of apartments throughout the Cleveland area.

We also speak about

  • Where Kellys passion for real estate originally came from

  • Her early career progression through wholesaling and buy & hold

  • The biggest hurdles she had to overcome

  • How the 2008 crash affected her business

  • What the Cleveland market is one of the most resilient for rentals

  • Her advice for people starting their own real estate journeys

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