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34: Income vs Wealth, life lessons and investing ethically with Mike Wolf

Mike Wolf is based in Canada and has been investing in US real estate for over 30 years. He's also an international speaker and has appeared on all the major television networks and at the time we were recording, he was in Las Vegas to speak on the TEDx stage. ​Mike has built several income streams over the years from his rental portfolio, his turnkey renovation business and his coaching.

We covered a lot in our discussion including:

  • Mike´s early successes and failures as a landlord and fix and flipper

  • His learning curve from doing everything to putting autonomous teams in place

  • The freedom of time and money that real estate has given him

  • The creative financing and acquisition strategies he has used

  • The importance he places on ethically dealing with motivated sellers

  • How the market will change when Covid government support fades

  • And much more!

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