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Colin G Murphy


A range of carefully written and professionally designed reports offering free insights into the world of real estate investing. Topics covered include investing safely in the post Covid-19 world, knowing the right questions to ask sellers and how to progress from a beginner to breakout investor.   


What will be the long term impact of massive job loss followed by major stimulus and rescue plans? This report highlights the ten most important post-Covid real estate trends with common sense steps to navigate the choppy waters ahead..


Over a 16 year career and 1,000+ real estate transactions, I´ve come to think of investors as being in one of four distinct categories. This report attempts to define them and provide action steps on how anybody can progress through each stage..


Over the years, I have probably asked, and been asked, just about every question you can imagine related to real estate. In this report, I’ve done my best to distill all that experience into the five most important questions and answers relevant to real estate investors..

The ownership of vacant land comes with several benefits. Unlike most other assets, it is bought to reap rewards in the long run. Tangible in nature, this asset
does not depreciate or deteriorate. Moreover, there are no crime-related concerns while owning a vacant... 


This trusted and straight talking show is for people who love real estate. Tune in every other Thursday for fascinating guests, keen insights and actionable tips on real estate investing.


A diverse collection that includes video versions of the podcast interviews, client testimonials, webinars & tutorials.


Colin is a full time investor who lives in Tampa Florida with his wife and two children. Over a 16 year career he has bought and sold more than $100 million worth of real estate in the US and UK markets, including 350+ fix and flips in Tampa between 2015-2020.

He has experience in a wide variety of real estate related activities, including buy & hold, fix and flip, wholesaling, tax liens, tax deeds, foreclosure auctions, note investing, private lending and more.

In addition to investing, Colin is a licensed Realtor in the state of Florida, enjoys podcasting, networking with fellow professionals and generally creating useful content for those who want to achieve financial freedom before they get too old to enjoy it.